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Brass Numbers & Letters (Info here)

Brass has become a very popular finish since the 1800's. Probably because the polished kind looks like gold. Brass looks great, but you have to polish it to keep it at its best  brightness. The truth is that you can polish brass until shines like a star, but in time  unprotected brass will tarnish or develop brown spots. But since brass is supposed to tarnish, some renovators prefer to leave their brass unprotected - to let it age.

Because brass can be a high maintenance metal, manufacturers like American Standard have created many techniques to protect brass finishes. One protector is a two-part epoxy known as Supercoating. Electrostatically applied and baked on Supercoating guarantees that your fixture stays bright and shiny through years of use. Another technique for protecting brass is PVD, or Physical Vapor Deposition, which makes your polished brass tarnish resistant, and scratch and corrosion resistant.

Air Fresheners (Info here)

Vectair Airoma Air Fresheners offer a patented I.P.E. system which provides flexible programming options allow for fixed cost while matching fragrance delivery and odor control to location conditions.

  • Customizable - The I.P.E system allows programmable fragrance intensity through customizable settings. You can set up to 3 different periods per day of fragrance delivery to suit your facilities needs. Vectair commercial air freshener systems have a smart chip technology which automatically calculates day in use and refill life. There is a countdown clock for each spray.

  • Fragrances - The fragrances that Vectair offers are modern and have style and impact options to meet all preferences. They are complex and long lasting. The fragrances can be used anywhere you want a fresh and pleasant smelling environment.

ADA Restroom Signs (Info here)

July 26, 1990, ADA or the Americans with Disabilities Act became law. Title I of the ADA was created to ensure equal employment opportunity for people that have disabilities and covers all private sector employers that have 15 or more employees.  Companies with federal contracts are covered by Section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Appendix B. 

Every American should read the Americans With Disabilities Act. The document contains the scope and technical requirements for accessibility to buildings by individuals with disabilities. These scope and technical requirements must be applied during the design, construction, and alteration of buildings and facilities covered by titles II and III of the ADA.

Soap Dispensers (Info here) (also see goSoapDispensers.Com)

Remodeling a public or semi-private washroom in a commercial space? A good upgrade would be to replace the commercial soap dispensers. Many new types of commercial soap dispensers are well constructed and offer new advantages. Here is a short soap dispenser guide to help when considering a new selection: First - many new commercial soap dispensers offer better control systems, meaning the flow of soap can be controlled and decrease the number of spills. Your savings come from not having to order soap as often. Second - there are new touchfree commercial soap dispensers. These automatic dispensers offer users convenience of the dispenser without the need of actually touching a dispenser button, thus the chance of passing and spreading germs is reduced.  Third -  easy installation. Many require only two screws into a mounting bracket before affixing the unit. 

There are many advantages to using automatic touch free soap dispensers in public restrooms. The main ones are sanitation, conservation, and overall convenience. Here is a quick soap dispenser guide that addresses each of these advantages: 

  • Sanitation – Public restrooms have so many visitors that many people prefer to touch as few things as possible when using them. If you install a lavatory mounted soap dispenser your customers will need to touch the dispenser with their dirty hands in order to get soap. With an automatic, touchfree soap dispenser, your visitors will not need to touch the same surface that hundreds of others have touched after using the restroom.
  • Conservation – These automatic soap dispensers lead to conservation, which means you save money  because the amount of soap distributed can be more controlled on an individual user basis. These systems can allow you to dictate how much soap is given each use and thus lead to less consumption by your customers than you would have with a standard, recessed soap dispenser.
  • Convenience – As is the trend with other touch free (touchfree) technologies, people are growing rather accustomed to having this convenience in as many places as possible.

Baby Changing Stations (Info here) (see also goBabyChangingStations.com)

Public washroom baby changing stations are a modern convenience helping millions of families that travel every day. This convenience has begun to be taken for granted by parents who do not clean the station properly after using it. Babies are susceptible to infection and disease, improper cleaning of a baby changing station can speed spreading of such problems. No one needs a public washroom guide to tell you that when you finish using a public baby changing station, clean it.  Consider the family that may use it after you.

Koala Bear Kare is a company that has stepped up to meet the needs of a demanding public. You can barely go into any public washroom without seeing a Koala Bear Care Changing station; and it's not because they necessarily provide the best deals for their products either. They have become a leader through stringent testing and the quality of their stations. With the release of every new model from Koala Bear Kare, changing stations are becoming more safe for families everywhere.

Mirrors (Info here)

Makeup Mirrors - A large wall hung mirror or mirrored medicine cabinet creates the illusion of spaciousness in your bathroom.  And of course a daily mirror  comes in a variety of styles and types designed to enhance your self-viewing pleasure: fogless mirrors, compact mirrors, magnifying mirrors, swivel mirrors, vanity mirrors, etc.

Security Mirrors - Convex mirrors offer visible coverage for moderate expense, and they also come in two types, interior and exterior.  They can also act as a determinant against criminal or unsafe behavior; a person who might in other circumstances might act wrongfully, when seeing a security mirror will be faced with the uncertainty that someone could be watching him or her. 

Bathroom Stalls (Info here)

If you are involved in the design and construction of a public bathroom stall, you do not need a bathroom construction guide to properly accessorize for the public, you just need a detailed list. There are only a few items that are absolutely necessary, and still others are more of a matter of providing convenience to your patrons. Your local health codes may  mandate what items you must place in your bathroom stall, be sure to check that out :

  • Toilet Paper – Provide easy access to toilet paper dispensers in your bathroom stall. This may sound obvious, but in truth many bathroom stall designs do not take easy access into account.

  • Toilet Seat Covers – Local health board may have their own regulations for this particular item. You should include toilet seat covers because many consider it a necessity for bathroom stalls.

  • Door Hook – In public washrooms people often bring carrying bags or jackets that they would not want to put on a bathroom floor. Offer a hook on the back of the door for people to use.

Hand Dryers (Info here) (see also goHandDryers.Com)

If you are a restaurant owner that wants to maintain the feel of your place in the washrooms, stainless steel hand dryers could be the solution for you. This is a good contrast to the typical white that most washrooms have in them. There is no difference in terms of performance between stainless steel hand dryers and painted dryers and there are benefits as well. Stainless steel hand dryers tend to looking more clean, and clean easier. Painted dryers can eventually chip and rust, meaning more costs to you because of replacements. Stainless steel hand dryers never face those problems. Cleaning a stainless steel dryer is simple - wipe it down with the closest rag and polish. 

In many public washrooms and restaurants you can now use a “touch free” wall mounted hand dryer. Activated by motion you begin drying your hand without having to press a button. Here is a short hand dryer guide on some of the advantages with touch free wall mounted hand dryer:

  • Cleanliness – On any given day many people use a public restroom. Touch free wall mounted hand dryers allow each patron to dry their hands, without spreading and contracting the germs that they have on their hands before drying. Older wall mounted hand dryer require each person to touch the exact same spot to get started, which of course is not the most sanitary of conditions.

  • Timing – With older wall mounted hand dryer, the blowing air lasts only as long as its' pre-programmed to.  “Touch free” wall mounted hand dryers keep blowing hot air  for as long as you keep moving your hand beneath it. Which means no more having to race against the clock to dry your hands.

Paper Towel Dispensers (see also goPaperTowelDispensers.Com)

Done washing you hands in a public washroom? Now you need to dry them, do you really want to pull on the same lever that a million others have pulled on? You're thinking, did the last guy washed his hands good. Could I catch something from him?  You aren’t alone in thinking that it is outright idiotic to touch something used so many times and infrequently cleaned just after washing your hands. Manufacturers recognized this issue and introduced motion sensor technology applicable to automatic paper towel dispensers. These inventions make it possible to dry your hands without touching knobs and buttons, simply by waving your hand beneath the mechanism you can get your paper towels to finish drying off. In addition these automatic paper towel dispensers provide more control over the use of paper towels. In the past, patrons could grab paper towels by the handful, most of them thrown away without ever using them. Automatic paper towel dispensers distribute the amount of towels according to your settings of quantity. This means savings for any business owner that has a public washroom.

Toilet Paper Dispensers

Sitting in the stall and faced with an empty toilet paper dispenser? When in a public washroom this can be an inconvenience and embarrassing.  Business owners don't let your patrons be faced with situation!

Keeping washroom stalls stocked with toilet paper can be a real challenge.  There are many options for toilet paper dispensers, such as combination units that hold double rolls with seat covers from makers such as Bradley.  We have a wide selection to fit all your needs.


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