Baby Changing Stations

Offer you're patrons the comfort and easy of a baby changing station placed conveniently in your restrooms. Koala Baby Kare offers many options in changing stations and accessories, but you can also find products from washroom accessories leaders such as World Dryer and Brocar. We also have replacement parts.

Be sure that you install a baby changing station with a protection strap, such as the Diaper Depot from Safe-Strap. If you’ve already installed a changing station without a strap or need to replace a broken or missing strap, you can find replacements for those and all other baby changing station accessories here at TexCommerce. 

Choose from horizontal, vertical, or oval style diaper changing stations (See Purchasing ) (see also

Brocar Products Diaper-Depot®
Koala Bear Kare® Safe-Strap Co.

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